We are road cyclists ourselves and (unfortunately) we have had enough nasty surprises with bike repairs: It takes much longer than agreed, the price has little to do with the estimate, the quality sometimes leaves much to be desired. Instead, you almost get talked into a new bike. The repair shop around the corner is not the right one for our favorite bikes, and there is no on-site service for mail-order bikes...

Reason enough for us to create a specialized workshop by road cyclists for road cyclists. We offer professional repairs with professional service. And: We are not a bike store! With us all brands are welcome, without any interest to sell you a new bike. Specialized, Trek, Pinarello etc. and mail order bikes like Canyon, Rose are welcome on our assembly stand.




If you add up Nabil's bike mileage, he could easily make it around the world three times.

As a former rider for the Syrian national team, the racing bike remained an anchor in his new daily routine after fleeing the raging war to Germany: training at the Velodrom, wrenching on the new bike and learning German with a sophisticated bike vocabulary.

Nabil has already worked for several teams and workshops. A man with heart and soul and a penchant for perfection, who knows every screw and every sprocket!