Our Packages

Prices incl. 19% VAT plus material

mail-order bike final assembly

  • Final assembly and check for mail-order bikes (Canyon, Rose, Radon, etc.)
  • Shipping directly to us is possible

Standard Inspection

  • Safety check for defects and wear
  • Checking the tightening torque
  • Brakes check and adjustment
  • Care and adjustment of the shifting
  • Cleaning the drive train
  • Change chain & cassette if necessary

Elite Inspection

  • Pro Inspection Plus:
  • Mount new cables and housings
  • Fit new brake pads/brake discs
  • install new chain, cassette, chainring and bottom bracket if necessary or desired

Canyon Service Partner

Top service for top bikes. As an official Canyon Service Partner, we take care of maintenance, repairs and the handling of warranty cases.



Your dream bike via your employer - fun and tax benefits included! As a Jobrad partner workshop, we take care of servicing your bike.



We build your road bike, gravel bike or triathlon bike exactly according to your wishes and ideas.


Protect your frame almost invisible against stone chips, scratches, etc.


No task is too difficult for us. With our partners, we can even repair broken carbon frames.


Upgrade to the latest group set? New aero handlebars on the time trial bike? No problem...


Regular inspections maintain the performance and value of your machine.


Simply book your workshop appointment online. No waiting, no stress. Promised.

Our Prices

Work that is not described in the following list, we charge according to time and effort. When you bring your bike in, the mechanic will decide what needs to be done together with. On this basis you will receive a transparent and reliable offer.

Price list

Prices incl. 19% VAT plus material


Rim brake service (per brake) change brake pads and/or adjust brake 24,00 €
Small Disc brake service (per brake) change brake pads and/or adjust brake 34,00 €
Major disc brake service (per brake) change brake pads, change brake fluid, bleed and adjust brake 59,00 €
Replace brake cable (per brake) 14,00 €
Replace brake cable housing (per brake) 24,00 €
Replace internal brake cable housing (per brake) Price according to time
Replace hydraulic line (per brake) 49,00 €

Shorten steerer tube Removal and installation, shortening, adjusting the headset Price according to time

Replace chain dismount old chain, cut new chain to length, mount and adjust it 19,00 €
Oiling the chain selection of different chain oils and DryFluids 8,00 €
Chain cleaning and oiling selection of different chain oils and DryFluids 29,00 €
Drive train cleaning and oiling clean and lubricate chain, rear derailleur, front derailleur, chainrings 39,00 €
Degrease and wax chain high-end lubrication for a clean drive train 49,00 €

Change chainring   19,00 €
Change crank with fitting crank 39,00 €

Handlebar / Stem
Adjust stem and handlebar   12,00 €
Change stem Ahead stem incl. headset adjustment. For integrated stems price according to time. 19,00 €
Replace racing handlebars prices according to time for internal cable housing 49,00 €
Replace tri/time handlebars prices according to time for internal cable housing 69,00 €
Handlebar tape wrapping race handlebar or base bar + triathlon attachment 24,00 €

Mount/replace pedals   12,00 €
Mount/replace cleats   12,00 €

Wheels / Tires
Replace tube and/or tire (per wheel)   16,00 €
Glue tubular tires (per wheel) dismantling old tire, rim bed preparation, pretreatment and gluing of the new tire 59,00 €
Centering (per wheel) 39,00 €
Tubeless Conversion (per wheel) dismantling tube and rim tape, mounting tubeless rim tape and valve, mounting the tire and filling with sealant 29,00 €
Sealant service (per wheel) fill up/replace sealant 12,00 €

Bike build assembly and adjustment of all components on the frame 240,00 €
Unbuild/demount bike disassembly of all components from the frame 90,00 €

Assembly/replacement of saddle/seatpost 19,00 €

Shifting service Adjusting the derailleur, front derailleur and rear derailleur 39,00 €
Replace cassette   19,00 €
Di2/eTap Software Update   19,00 €
Straighten derailleur hanger   29,00 €
Replace gearshift cable (per cable) 14,00 €
Replace shift cable housing (per housing) 24,00 €

Replace headset dismantle old headset, install new, adjust 39,00 €
Headset adjustment   12,00 €

Bottom bracket
Replace pressed bottom bracket 49,00 €
Replace screwed bottom bracket 39,00 €
Bottom bracket service check and adjustment 19,00 €